Summer 2021’s Hottest Single | A Sampling Promo of
Dionne Blaize’s “Kuchidongo” — a rhythmic feast for your ears, eyes & limbs | Coming Soon…
Look out for the virtual music video release of Dionne Blaize’s “Kuchidongo” — a powerful, high-energy single for the dance floor, in which Afrobeat blends and crosses with African Pop. The result is an amazing audio/video hit, which is set to blaze the airwaves and overwhelm dancehalls.
As for the video, attached here, it brings all of the features mentioned above and more — inclusive of a plethora of authentic optics that amounts to a choreographer’s haven and a designer’s paradise.
Let’s simply say that this one is a musical marriage of sorts — as the talented Caribbean-American artiste (out of Grenada) caressingly voices life and expression into a creative collaboration with her African producers out of Namibia — Ogopa Butterfly.
Stay tuned…
— Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR