Women are coming together to help each other face some very serious issues in a way not seen ever before. The “Me Too” movement has been at the front lines of this and Reggae and Dancehall singer- songwriter Dionne Blaze is showing solidarity with her new song and video “Me Too”.

Sexual assault is among the worst, if not the worst or crimes. Sadly, many women have traditionally been very
hesitant to come forward or didn’t come forward at all due to social stigmas attached to being a victim or worries of
being accused of not telling the truth. Organically, the #METOO movement, both online and off, rose up to
encourage women to come together and show unity to raise  awareness of these crimes, seek justice, and help women
heal. Joining this effort with an incredible new single and YouTube video named “Me Too” to let women know that
they are not alone, they are loved, and there are women  they can count on is rising Reggae and Dance vocalist and
songwriter Dionne Blaze . The excitement surrounding “Me Too” is high. The new single is part of an all-female project called The Queens in the Arena, which showcases some of Reggae and Dancehall’s most talented woman artists
who all share a powerful message. When asked what inspired Dionne to be part of this project, she responded, “I loved the idea and energy of positive women coming together to create a solid album and I wanted to contribute something with substance, to use this platform to send a powerful message to women around the world and let them know that they are not alone, every time they listen to my song.” While her influences have been from across the world and span a wide range of music style Dionne is a native of Brooklyn, New York, which puts her very close to some of the best music producers on
Earth, This can be seen in all of her releases, including “Me Too”, with its mesmerizing musical rhythm and its clean production helping her vocals truly shine. The early reviews from listeners have been completely positive. A fan recently said in a five-star review, “Beautiful voice, beautiful person, beautiful message.”

To learn more be sure to visit www.dionneblaize.com .